Sovereign Pediatric Therapy – Therapies That Produce Results

Other Services Available:
In addition to our primary services listed here, we offer other services which include
but are not limited to home or school consultation, attendance at school meetings or physician appointments, in-home therapy for medically fragile children,
and specialized group programs.

Insurance Information:
Sovereign Pediatric Therapy is
an approved provider for State
of Illinois Early Intervention Program (EI) and for the Division of Specialized Care for Children (DSCC).

In addition, Sovereign Pediatric Therapy accepts the following insurance plans:

– Aetna U.S. Health Care

– Beech Street

– Blue Cross Blue Shield

* Cigna


– Humana

– MultiPlan

– Perferred Plan

– Unicare

* United Health Care

* We accept these plans but they are not in-network.


Please call regarding coverage for other insurance plans as we continually expand our list of insurance contracts.


Our Services


Screening: Screenings are provided free of charge and offer you and your child an opportunity to meet with one of our pediatric therapy specialists, to either address specific concerns or to have a brief check of your child’s development. The purpose of the screening is to determine if your child is in need of further assessment. The typical screening lasts about 20 minutes.

Evaluation: During the evaluation, the therapist will assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses and determine whether or not your child needs therapy through a variety of means. This can include a formal standardized assessment as well as clinical observation of your child’s movement, behavior, and discussion with you about your child’s abilities. The therapist may use a variety of different treatment techniques to gauge your child’s response to the types of treatment she/he may receive if therapy is indicated. Therapists will usually begin by asking background information while allowing the child to warm-up in the environment. Most therapy assessments are play-based to encourage the best performance of your child. The evaluation includes a written report of the evaluation findings and interpretation of the results.

Individual Therapy Session: Most therapy sessions are scheduled for one hour and usually begin with the caregiver reporting on the child’s progress since the last therapy session. Therapists then engage the children in activities specifically designed to enhance their performance in the goal areas identified. Parents are encouraged to observe and/or participate in their child’s therapy as appropriate. Time at the end of each session is set aside for parents and therapist to discuss the child's performance during the session, and for the therapist to review suggestions on how to carry over therapeutic intervention within the home environment.